Meet the Author

Garry is a Colorado native. After military service he spent years working in the oil fields and industrial manufacturing fields. Having returned to agriculture he now spends his time running machinery and driving a truck, unless they're broke down, then he repairs them.

The Book

Shit You Wanted to Say, is a little bit of just what you need in your life. It is an eclectic book of poems to lighten you up, and possibly offend you written by Colorado native Garry Rosengrant. After military service, working in the oil field, industrial manufacturing field, and farming Garry begun taking his life experiences, thoughts, and humor to pen and paper by writing a wide variety of poems in his leisure time and is ready to share them with the world. Many of the poems in this book were scribbled down in the midst of work and life onto the back of farming receipts, junk mail, and other random scrap paper. As you will find out Garry finds every subject fair game to write a poem about including his dog Junior. To give you a taste of what you are in for, the following are some selections of different poems you will find in the book; Problems and Strife, Cheap Wine, Madman, Country Kids, Too Honest, I Don’t Care, Skinny Dipping, Spoiled Brat, and Freaks. This book delivers a wide array of emotions and feelings to the reader from laughter and happiness to sadness and grief. It’s a great read with relatable subject matter that you must take a chance on.